Terms and Conditions of Use

  • The Beach Wheelchair Volunteer on duty cannot assist you with the transfer to the beach wheelchair from your normal wheelchair.
  • You must ensure that the beach wheelchair is suitable for your needs.
  • Please use any straps or supports as instructed. The Beach Wheelchair Volunteer on duty can assist you in choosing the supports that may provide you with a greater level of comfort and safety.
  • You must provide someone who is fit enough to push the chair.
  • You will provide personal details of name, address, mobile number and proof of address or identification prior to the wheelchair being released. This information will be noted and returned to you when the beach wheelchair is returned to the Beach Hut at the end of the loan period.
  • Secure footware is recommended.
  • The beach wheelchair can be taken into the shallows only (6” or 15cm depth). The seat of the beach wheelchair should not be submerged. Extreme care must be taken. Please be aware of the current sea conditions and always consider that these can change at any time.
  • If at any time you have any problems or concerns with the beach wheelchair whilst it is in your care, please phone the Beach Wheelchairs Volunteer on duty immediately on 07508 816 515. Note that this is a different number to the booking line.

For your safety

  • Please wear the lap strap provided.
  • Please take care on the slipways – these are steep and uneven.
  • Take care on the beach, especially of rocks and uneven sand.
  • Take normal precautions whilst out in the sun.

Please return the wheelchair at the agreed time. If you are going to be delayed please contact the Beach Wheelchairs Volunteer on duty on 07508 816 515

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