Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use one of the Beach Wheelchairs?

Anyone who, for what ever reason, has difficulty walking on the beach.  This could be a permanent or temporary disability.

The beach wheelchairs need someone to push them.

Where are the Beach Wheelchairs located?

Please use the location tabs above to see where Beach Wheelchairs are located in North Berwick, Portobello and Seton Sands

Where can I use beach wheelchairs?

In North Berwick, our wheelchairs may be used on the East and West beaches in North Berwick which can be accessed from the Beach Hut via slipways. We are now able to allow our wheelchairs to be used on other nearby beaches. Please call our booking line to discuss your requirements.

In Portobello, beach wheelchairs may be used on Portobello beach which can be accessed by ramps from the promenade

At Seton Sands, the wheelchair may be used wherever the beach and boardwalk are accessible near Haven Holiday Village.

How must does it cost?

We want beaches to be accessible so do not make a charge for loan of the beach wheelchairs. The schemes are run by volunteers who give freely of their time and skills.

However, donations are very welcome as we hope to improve and extend our services. You can donate by:

    • Giving a donation to any volunteer when borrowing a chair
    • Or by post to: Beach Wheelchairs, North Berwick Community Centre, Law Road, North Berwick EH39 4PN

Cheques should be made payable to: Beach Wheelchairs.

Please contact us if you'd like to donate via Bank Transfer

When can I use the chair?

The scheme operates all the year round. Please book in advance by phoning one of our projects using the numbers provided on the individual project pages.

We try to meet your needs and volunteers will ask what times suit you best for pick up and return.

Will help be available?

CJW 9971


The Beach Wheelchairs Volunteer is not able to assist in transfers or taking you on to the beach. The user must have an adult helper to assist the transfer and push the wheelchair.

Your helper must be fit enough to push the wheelchair across the sand and up and down the slip ways. Flat footwear is recommended.

Your own wheelchair or walking aids can be left in The Beach Hut.




What if the weather turns bad?

We would like to say it is always sunny in East Lothian and Portobello. Sadly this is not the case and the weather can change. If you wish to cancel your booking please ring as soon as possible on the number that you used to make the booking. When you hire the beach wheelchair you will be given a contact number for the volunteer on duty. Please call them if you need to return to the Beach wheelchair early for any reason..

Even when sunny the wind can be very cold so please make sure you have plenty of warm clothing or blankets.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring photographic ID with you; this will be checked by our volunteers.

You will also want to bring suntan lotion, blankets, towels, buckets and spades and anything else appropriate for a trip to a Scottish beach! We recommend that the carer pushing the wheelchair wears sensible shoes with good grip.

Comments and Feedback

We welcome all comments in order to improve our service. A comments book is available in The Beach Hut or you can email us from the Contact Us page.

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